Monday, 7 November 2016

Is it a Crime not to Prime?

Primers have become a bit of a neccessicity to my own makeup routine. I've been known to start over if I forgot to prime in the past. It was after reading that talented Kardashian favourite, Mario Dedivanovic claims he never uses a primer. 

Resisting the urge to scream in horror and consider Mr Dedivanovic had lost the plot, I gave the no primer idea a go and to see if it was a crime not to prime... 

The first thing I noticed was how I had to blend my foundation in to the skin more to achieve my desired finish. Which I suppose isn't so bad, but for someone who needs to look 'made up' in less than 30 minutes, I found this some what annoying. Perhaps something to save for when I have spare time. Having said this, the extra time I took for working my base into the skin saved it from sliding off my face and by the end of the day still looked pretty flawless. My pesky pores, although visible, didn't look as terrible as I'd imagined. My T-zone however was shinier than a glazed doughnut, something that my trusty primer obviously helps with.  

Finally, I gave it the photo test. My goodness, that wasn't a pretty sight. Every blemish and pore visible... Even without zooming! Terrifying. The blurring effects of primers are something I never really thought about prior to my experiment, but clearly they do a great job of making my skin more selfie friendly. 

So, although this little trial, sans primer, was a quick one, I can safely say my love for a good primer will stay strong. However, I won't be as worried if I have to give them a miss for the day. Usually taking whatever Mario says as gospel, these results have thrown me a little... But what you've got to remember is that makeup is personal to you and whatever works with someone won't necessarily work for you. Playing around and experimenting is half the fun anyway. 

What do you think about primers? Love them or leave them? I'd love to know XO 


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