Friday, 18 November 2016

A Love Note To My Pre Baby Body

This post was not meant to happen today, and admittedly it's a little different to my usually topics. However, I like to think of this blog as a little spot of the internet where I can share with you all sorts of things. 

It may be the story teller in me, but today I just wanted to send a little love note to my pre baby body. I know, how total random. It all started after a friend posted a picture up of the weekend. I'd had a rare night out with the girls which was great fun, but that damn picture made it all go to shit. (Pardon my French) I couldn't help but notice just how different I looked. I guess I hadn't really noticed before, after all, I'm fortune enough to be the same dress size I was before my daughter. My fashion sense hasn't changed, my hair style is still the same (perhaps in need of a trim) But I couldn't help notice how bloated, pale and tired I looked, with about three extra chins! 

This got me thinking about how much I whinged about my body in the past. Oh if only I could climb into a time machine, go back and slap myself. Isn't crazy to think I would dream of having the body back I once hated? I'm sitting here thinking of the millions of times I didn't wear something as I felt 'too fat' in it... foolish girl. 

I mean, nothing has really changed. I've always had a bit of tummy so not really worried about a mummy tummy, if anything it's given me the excuse to go shopping for some new high waisted jeans. I did always seem to have a year long tan which has been totally neglected nowadays and I did spend a lot more time on my eye makeup. To be honest, I think that's just me getting older and favouring an easy day look that doesn't invovle a smokey eye. Anyway, making the extra effort of an evening gives it a bit more of a special feeling, and getting a little double take from the fella is always a confidence boost. 

I know some of you are probably thinking 'get down to the gym and stop complaining' Yes I could get down to the gym, don't get me wrong I would love to. I could find the time, it's just a case of money and energy. Being a mum means coming last, so the thought of forking out gym fees each month gives me an aching guilt trip, all that money that could be saved or used for something for everyone to enjoy. As for energy, well running around after a toddler all day is enough exercise for me, we stay active a lot and get out almost everyday so it's actually really lovely to just sit down of an evening. 

Weight wise, I'll admit I wasn't a keen scale user before, I would mainly go by how I felt, looked and how my clothes would fit. I'd say I'm a few extra ponds over my previous self, but it's Winter and need it for warmth! What I have noticed is my face is a lot fuller and I can't seem to shed the tubby arms that are still hanging around after the birth of my tot. How do you loose weight from your face anyway? If anyone knows, please share your secrets! 

This also has me looking to the future and seeing my daughter examining how she looks in the mirror and pinch that none existent roll. I can't believe I will hear myself saying `You'll miss it when it's gone' I thought that was just useless babble mums said, but it's actually true and I will say it, and probably receive the same eye roll I would give my own mum. Why didn't I listen? Sorry mum, you were right after all... 

I guess this rambling chat today is me wanting to apologise to my former bod.... 

Dear pre baby body,

You were actually quite lovely to have. Toned, tanned and made for heels! 
I'm sorry for poking the bits I didn't like or complaining about this or that. I didn't mean them, if you ever wanted to come back and give things another go I will be so thankful!
I promise you won't regret it. 

Love you forever and always, 
slightly chubbier, pastier, wobblier, tired post baby body X 


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