Friday, 25 November 2016

How A TV Advert Made Me Feel About Christmas

Christmas adverts are becoming a bit of a thing nowadays I feel. It's as though we all sit and wait for the John Lewis ad to be released and we all start dropping the C word (Christmas that is you rude so and so) 

2016's selection of festive ads have been rather lovely, but there has been one that's really hit home for me this year. If you haven't seen it take a look here. It's a story about a father dashing about filled with the stresses that come with this time of year, shopping, work deadlines, missing time at home, awful weather and miles of crazed shoppers to battle against. This is until he has a little thought to himself and thinks it's time to really spoil his family this year, by having him at home more. (Oh, and the song is fab too with some lovely vocals by James Corden)

Now, I don't know about you, but I have to appluade Sainsbury's for this. They've really gone back to basics and has made me totally rethink Christmas. I'll admit I feel very pressured to spend an absolute fortune on everyone, especially on my daughter. But why? Will she really understand just how much money was spent on all those presents for her under the tree? Or will ripping off the paper and laughing her head off whilst playing with the boxes be enough for her? I'm a huge fan of making memories and snap her like some sort of paparazzi. When we look back at those pictures, will she ask "how much was that toy mum?" or will she laugh a her crazy bed hair and embarrassing, festive pjs? 

I am by no way giving all you super generous lot a telling off, if you want to spend lots on your loved ones then you go ahead! But for me, having a child is an expensive life choice and would rather spend a majority of my money on various classes and a pass to our local Zoo. 

The idea of baking gingerbread men, decorating the tree, chilly woodland walks all as a family is what Christmas is about for me now. I really look forward to all these activities becoming stories we tell each year filled with warm, fuzzy nostalgia. 

I am aware that my Facebook feed will be full to the brim of parents showing the piles of presents waiting for their little ones to open in the morning. I'll admit I went a little crazy last year as the excitement got too much for me. Of course I'll end up buying a few bits for my family, this year however, I won't feel guilty about not over doing it. Thanks to Sainsbury's beautiful advert, I get the feeling my Christmas this year will be a lot more special. Just like the message in the ad says, the greatest gift to your family, is you and your time spent together.  

How are you all spending your Christmas this year? XO

*The image used today is from Pinterest 

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