Friday, 9 October 2015

The power of Makeup

So, I'm a little late to the boat on this... the world has taken an huge interest in just how the use of makeup can achieve these results. Bloggers and Youtubers have taken the challenge  of showing just how powerful makeup can be. 

Now I thought I'd give it a go, but I've decided to give it a twist, I wanted to show you the power of makeup with a look inspired by Huda Beauty. I chose Huda purely because it was her videos that got me into makeup in the first place. I remember downloading Instagram one day and whilst navigating my way around I stumbled on to her page.... I was hooked! I never knew there were so many videos out there with countless tips, tricks and how tos. I didn't even know just how incredible contouring could be. I didn't.... now bare with me whilst I confess this.... I didn't even enhance my brows.....just left them, not even groomed.....(I was sick in my mouth a little then, the horror!)

Since that day a enormous love affair with beauty saw me complete a Diploma in makeup, start up a blog, preform professional makeup on shoots and weddings and even trek to London for a number of beauty internships. You see for me, the power of makeup is more than just contouring your cheekbones, spending ages getting your brows "on fleek" or even drowning yourself in highlight. For me it's made it possible to have a life that allows me to love what I do. 

Some people say girls use makeup for a few reasons;

1. For men- Ummmmmmm no my friends, we certainly do not watch countless youtube videos of our favourite blogger's latest makeup hauls, to then rush to our local department store to track down the entire collection featured in said video, to then spend hours getting ready for a Saturday to then have some shmuck chat us up.... No, just no, all that hassle was for our own pure enjoyment. 

2. Self Esteem- Ok, so what if we use a full coverage foundation to disguise those pesky blemishes, we aren't hurting anyone doing so. I am also sure you'd prefer to see our faces looking happy and relaxed than covered under hair or huge sun glasses. 

3. Pressure from Social Media- Please, in today's world of Instagram filters and apps such as Facetune we can all make ourselves look like a Olivia Pierson lookalike, what's becoming more of a challenge is how subtle you can use all this trickery without looking obvious. I'll tell you something now, one huge insult to a makeup obsessed girl is "she's soooooo over Facetuned herself" 

So all in all, the power of makeup is great, so great in fact that it not only allows us to use our faces like a blank artist canvas. We are able to display our moods with either a fresh faced, peachy toned day look to a smouldering dark smokey eye. It allows us to hide anything that we want and enhance our favourite features. Finally, it allows us to never have any awkward silences when being introduced to a new bunch of ladies.

Of course, what you must remember is that makeup is only skin deep and no amount of product can cover up a bad attitude or miserable face. I once went away for the weekend only to discover hours later, once I started to get ready for the night, that I had left my makeup bag at home. To my dismay I had already washed my face clean and was with a friend how had supermodel skin with strong brows, you know the type, the BB cream types, all she basically had was some mascara. I sucked it up and braved a busy Saturday night with my plain face.... it was a fantastic night! I never felt so happy and free and I even got a couple drinks brought for me. So I recommend you treat makeup as I do, use it to create whichever looks you desire, but never be afraid to go it alone every once in a while! 

The HudaBeauty makeup inspiration 

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