Friday, 16 October 2015

Getting Cosy

Something happened the other night, I was sitting in my toasty oven of a flat (yes we have one of those constantly warm without the heating on homes, lucky huh?) and I felt, dare I say it, I felt a draft... 

It's turned into to Autumn overnight which got me thinking of all things seasonal, the cosy jumper wearing, numb finger tips feeling, hot chocolate sipping kinda seasonal goodness that you only get as soon as you have that first chilly night. 

So with that I wanted to show you some things I am loving at the moment, and also things I usually turn to when the weather turns itself.

The frame is a brilliant birthday present from my sister one year, to be honest, it's not very Autumnal but just had to use it as a prop! The faux fur collar every year, without a doubt, makes its way around almost all my coats for some extra snuggle factor. Finally, the YSL foundation is a shade more suited to me for winter, plus the fact that it has a more liquid consistency means I prefer using it for a more hydrated feel throughout the colder months.  

Roll necks and loafers and fedoras...oh my! I adore greys and beige as a combo for this time of year. I've become more adventurous with my look and started wearing hats more, they can really make an outfit. If something can give me a sudden effortless, chic look I'm having it..... in various colours please! The loafers are a bit of a fashion staple of mine, comfortable and cute, even if the boyfriend says they look like slippers! 
I got all these goodies recently so you can still find them, they are all from Primark believe it or not.... you can find some gems in that enormous mess I promise you that. 

Whoever said that Summer bodies are made in Winter has clearly never had this hot chocolate. There are no words, you just have to track it down in your nearest M&S. Let me know what you think, that's if you don't collapse into a chocolate fuelled state of pleasure.

Colder months mean musky perfumes, I have written a review on this Jo Malone fragrance a while back and it is still a favourite. Dark and heavy with just the right amount of lingering power to give you a scent Christmas songs are written about! Don't forget to keep that body moisturised too, I love how Aveeno makes my skin feel and it's packed full of oat-y benefits too! 
Of course a Diptyque candle needs to feature in my posts every now and then.... they are a cult favourite and I'm trying to get in with the cool blogger gang! Just kidding, it was a gift that I have been nursing for a long time now, it has such a beautiful smell suited for this time year.

So there you have it my darling cake lovers! Have any of you noticed the weather turning nippy? What do you use to keep those tootsies toasty, I'd love to know xo 

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