Thursday, 23 January 2014

Jungle Drums....

I must be honest with you all, today has been feeling very flat, and it is not even lunch time! However, as I absentmindedly procrastinated on twitter, I kept hearing the faint sounds of jungle drums... 
Illamasqua, Sale, Illamasqua, Sale, Illamasqua, Sale
This can't be true, this has to be some sort of sick joke. It's as though Alex Box knew this would brighten my day! Brighten it as much as their beautiful, pigmented shadows!
I dashed to my pc, I had to see this for my own eyes. There it was, clear as day.... Fighting the need to fall to my knees in a very Wayne's World-esque 'WE'RE NOT WORTHY, WE'RE NOT WORTHY' fit, I pulled myself together and started shopping!

With a collection of cream foundations I nabbed for my ever growing fledgling kit, I also spied a yummy looking white liquid liner. Now I'll admit, white liner has never been something I have considered, especially on myself. I can see how it would look breath taking on dark skin but something was telling me to give it a go. Just as Illamasqua says, make-up for your alter ego. I'm sure my alter ego wears white liner!
I clicked the check out button and right now my Illamasqua goods are on their way!
Please be quick my beauties! 
It was after I cooled down after my make-up shopping hype I got researching what looks I could do with my new goody!

Who else has tried white liner?! Let me know your thoughts!
Two-Four working days can not come quick enough! I can't wait to have some play time with this product! I will keep you all posted on how I get on with it. Now I'm off to peer out my window for the postman.
oh, meant to say...There's an extra 10% off with the code SALE10
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