Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beauty Crush: Mrs Carter

'Underneath the pretty face is something complicated..'

It was one early morning I was scrolling through Instagram with a sleepy head and one eye open when I stumbled upon Beyoncé announcing the release of her surprise visual album.  
The flashing lights, colours and general amazing Beyonceness took my breath away... the makeup was unreal, and that was just from a super quick glimpse.
I tried to play it cool at first, just like how you never want to be the one to text that date back first... Don't want to look too needy...
I lasted about 5 minutes before I caved and waited anxiously for the album to download. The rest of my day consisted of me listening and watching to this mouth watering music.

not forgetting BABY CARTER
The entire album is a treat for all the senses!

Check out the link below to see Elle Magazines favourite looks


Mine ft. Drake

BHCosmetics have an incredible palette they call 120 colour palette and has up to about 5 editions to it. The 3rd edition has all the colours you need to complete this look. Remember to keep the waterline light. Rimmel have a lovely pinky cream kohl pencil. If you fancy giving this look even more punch, line your waterline with a darker colour. Expect a lot of comments on this look! It certainly isn't for the faint hearted!
Get your palette from the link below: The shadows are insane, amazing pigments!


Get the Look:

MAC's Lipstick in Hang Up
By looking at the images, the lipstick looks very put together, but has a vampy, slight bitten appearance to it and strong collection of the colour in the centre of the lips. I would apply the lipstick straight to the lip the blot it out towards the edges and keep applying until the strong colour is perfect in the middle. To keep it neat, line the lip first with a pencil of a similar colour, Topshop have a lovely one I use myself.
No Angel
The lips Queen Bey wears in this video is the sort of thing that girls will sigh like a teenager in love over, where as men just won't understand just how wonderful it is.
To get this look I went a little more high end. I felt as though this lippie needed that little extra, special treatment.
I looked into the scrumptious, creamy lipsticks available at Tom Ford
The Tom Ford lipstick doesn't really have the same purple undertone found in Beyoncé's, but I wasn't going to let that stop me! Instead I got MAC's Magenta lip liner and lined the entire lip and then applied Tom Ford's Indian Rose. The colour has a head nod of inspiration towards the lipstick in the video, but with an original twist to make it more your own. I personally love mixing lipsticks and liners together to get something truly original.
The entire album has so many gorgeous looks, Beyoncé has really spoilt us! I know I will be giving a number of these looks a go and of course have the album on repeat until I drive my neighbours insane!
One last thing to say is a huge well done and thumbs up to everyone involved in putting this album together! Great way of finishing off 2013!

Have a little listen and see what you think everyone
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