Tuesday, 28 January 2014

All about the brows

Don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you sh*t about life

For me, brows have not always been that important to me. There was a time in my life I just ignored my brows, I'd look back at pictures from nights out and family dos and my eyes were always drawn to my washed out, patchy eyebrows. This was before my makeup addiction, so I never really thought of the idea of filling them in.
I started filling my brows using pencils. I used Rimmel, the brown was the right colour for me and the handy little brush at the end was always helpful to smooth down my brows. It was after I while I felt as though I needed a change. My brows are full, but very patchy with one having a scar in it that can be so tricky to cover properly. I wanted to try out powder as it would give me a softer finish without me looking so angry all the time.
It was then I started using Benefits Brow Zing. The powder gave me a much more natural and soft look, I decided to marry the pencil and powder together and lined the bottom part of my brow with the pencil to give them a better shape. I do love a strong brow after all! With the two products working together I was finally happy with my eyebrows! 
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It was a while into my makeup addiction I noticed a few ladies from over the pond keep mentioning Anastasia Beverly Hills. I needed to find out what all this was about, after all, their eyebrows were amazing and looked so natural.
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In the end, after my little brow shopping spree, I ended up with a Brow Wiz and palette that had stencils, wax and powders for the brows and highlight for under the brows.
The Brow Wiz has a lovely texture and is so precise, you could draw on each individual hair if you wanted to.
With the palette, everything in it is quite useful, I've used the stencils on a couple clients and friends and they loved the shape! I have used all the other products on my own brows and really liked the results. The powder is a great pigment and gives you the chose to build it up to as dark as you want. I used all the products and was left very happy with my gorgeous brows!
Brow Wiz in Brunette

Eyebrow Palette in Dark Brown
Get the Look: Strong brow

 Left Brow: No product
Right Brow: Anastasia Beverly Hills Products

Finished Look
Foundation: MAC Studio Fix in NW25
Concealer: BHCosmetics Correct and Conceal in Light
Contour and Highlight: Sleek Contour Palette in Light
Mascara: Benefit They're Real! in Black
Blush: Benefit Dallas
Shadow: BHCosmetic Galaxy Girl Palette in Saturn (tear duct only)
Lip: Vaseline
Do any of you use anything else for your brows? I always love trying out new products! Oh, and I definitely think you guys should give Anastasia Beverly Hills a follow on Instagram if you're not already!
Hope you enjoyed the blog lovelies, See you soon Cake Lovers x
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