Tuesday, 21 August 2018

My Dermablading Experience With The Sussex Sanctuary

So I've seen a lot about Dermablading over social media and was really intrigued by the whole idea. For those of you who are unsure, it is a none invasive procedure which removes the hair on your face (you know the peach fuzz everyone has) and dead skin cells on the top layers of your skin. 

I had tried an at home version a while back and liked the results, but I am by no means a pro. So with that in mind I got in touch with Lara at The Sussex Sanctuary. The pictures I saw on Instagram looked too good to pass by! So I booked myself in ready to see just how good the results are! 

Lara sent through some pre treatment information and a handy note with directions so finding the sanctuary. True to it's name you step through the blue door away from the busy high street and into a lovely little tranquil spot. I loved the relax atmosphere and felt very at home. I even found myself eyeing up the cushions in the treatment rooms! 

Once the paperwork was out the way I hopped on the bed ready to go! Lara explained everything that I was filled with confidence and very excited to see the results. My skin was cleaned and the treatment began! Dermablading itself it doesn't hurt, you feel a scratching, but nothing too terrible, it's also perfectly normal to have the odd nick due to the blade coming across a large build up on dead skin cells, causing your skin's surface to be uneven. This is the beauty of Dermablading, you are literally removing all that nasty build up that can cause blemishes, blackheads and unhealthy skin.

I personally loved the feeling of having all that being removed, especially after all this hot weather! All that excess suncream, sweat and general yuckiness was gone in less than 45 minutes! I also loved taking a look at all the peach fuzz and dead skin left behind on the pads... yes I'm one of those people..  

Lara then applied a cocktail of products and SPF perfect for my skin type and I jumped off the bed feeling like a new, shiny me! Yes admittedly you do look a little blotchy, but your skin feels glorious...although try your best not to touch it! I set off for home and found it amazing how, even in the hot weather, I could feel the slightest breeze on my face! 

It's best to avoid makeup for following day, but I found myself not putting any on for three days after. I really focused on treating my skin with lots of hydrating moisturiser and SPF. Cleaning your skin after the treatment should be gentle too so avoid any acids or strong toners. Once I did give makeup a go I loved how perfectly my foundation sat on my skin and lasted! Without having to battle against the hair on my face I achieved a fabulous application and loved the finish. It all makes sense now why Liz Hurley and Marilyn Monroe are fans too! 

It is now a couple weeks after I had Dermablading and I am still loving the results. I haven't noticed any peach fuzz coming back worse than before and I've used the opportunity of having new skin to keep it healthy and extra clean! 

I have now found myself looking at all the other treatments available at The Sussex Sanctuary with Lara for my next visit. You all must take a look at her  website, here, and book yourself in for a pamper! You won't regret it. 

Thanks again to lovely Lara for my new skin and wonderful Dermablading experience! 

Everything that came off my face!

Results 1 hour later