Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Why Should Girls Get Their Nails Done?

Firstly, huge apologises for going AWOL these last couple of days...perhaps weeks... I've had some huge life changes going on and just as my choice of bed time reading suggests, I've been getting my sh*t together. 

Secondly, this post is totally up for discussion! I do enjoy a good debate, especially when it involves beauty. Just fancied passing on my opinion on the matter. So, why is it so important for girls to get their nails done? 

I've been late to the manicure party I must admit. It wasn't until I was expecting my daughter that nails began some what important to me and their upkeep was something I've become very interested in. Prior to my new love for a good mani, I would try a pathetic attempt at home. The idea of it all was enjoyable, choosing a shade, looking at various brands, even painting them. It wasn't until I'd look down at the nails I had painstakingly painted to find they looked like utter crap.... Honest to God, they were hideous. I'd spend the rest of the day trying to hide them...I know right, ridiculous, hiding your hands isn't the easiest thing in the world! 

So once I got over the fact I just wasn't a natural at DIY manicures, I set off on my quest to get myself some beautifully pampered nails. It was shortly after this I got thinking about how a manicure made me feel. Call me absolutely crackers, but somehow, I felt "put together" as though anything could happen, and I could handle it. Like I got my life sorted and could be one of these proper adults... you know the type... the ones that don't spill their coffees on a clean white shirt, don't get ladder in their tights or even lipstick on their teeth! Those adulter adults. Nothing like me, especially with the help from my toddler, who isn't happy until she covers me with snot and toast crumbs. 

It was on one particular, drizzly morning I was in the petrol station, sans daughter. I had embraced my comfy/rock chic outfit I had thrown on and faced the day, make-up free. You can only imagine just how naff I felt. It wasn't until I handed my card over that the cashier 'ooed' at my nails. They were just a simple oxblood red, but she did love them and after a couple minutes of girly chat I skipped my way out the door. Something as simple as having a well pampered and looked after set of nails somehow upgraded me from tired looking slob, to a woman who looked after herself. I felt so content and happy with that one compliment that the rest of my day continued to get better and better. Call me fickle all you like, but there is nothing greater than that boost you get from stranger that makes you feel good about yourself. 

I have also found that I seem to hold myself in a more sophisticated manner when a good mani is backing my corner. Perhaps it's something psychologically built in me to be more lady like, rather than my usual heavy handed self. It's also a different feel good vibe you have after leaving the hairdressers with a gorgeous, bouncy blow-dry. Imagine teaming to the two together? Somewhat euphoric I'd say! 

Of course, I'm not saying that booking yourself into your local salon or spa will solve all your problems. But I'm a great believer in the power of feeling good about yourself, will make everything else fall into place over time. 

So, to sum up, why should girls get their nails done? I would have to admit that out of the vast treatments available in the beauty world, to me, manicures are 10 little doses of self help, much like my new favourite book, Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight. Something so simple, that could basically become a daily reminder of some self belief and an extra boost to let yourself know, you've got this. 

Do any of you feel the same? Or perhaps any other opinions? I'd love to know XO

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