Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Last Of The Summer Bronze

Autumn is here, whether you like it or not! Time to pack away the metallic sandals, suncream and bikinis, and fetch out those chunky knits, berry lips and dark nail polish. Keep hold of that favourite bronzer for the moment though! You can still get some use out of it for a little while longer, heres how. 

This look becomes a bit essential for me during the colder months, especially when I'm super busy with my toddler. Quick and simple and can be worn in a number of ways. 

First off, take your favourite bronzing powder and a fluffy brush. Now apply the product in sweeping motions on the crease of your eye. You can go quite high with the colour as it's such a natural tone, however, try and keep the colour darkest on the crease and use the brush to blend out for an effortless, blended look. Don't forget to work the shade onto your lower lash line to give the eyes a perfect finish. Work the bronzer in well and you will be left with a beautiful, no makeup makeup look. The bronze will work with the natural shape of the eye and give it a subtle appearance which looks stunning finished off with a couple coats of mascara and maybe even a feline flick if you're feeling daring! 

That can be the finish of your look there but if you want to give it an extra pinch something, try taking the bronze down onto your lid and add a highlight over the top of the lid and inner corner of the eyes. This will give a noticeable gleam and brighten the look entirely, you can also add a berry red lipstick too for a real autumnal twist, great for an after work wine in a cosy pub, perfect! 

Let me know if you give this look a go! xo 


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