Thursday, 13 April 2017

5 Current Beauty Favourites

First off, let's just take a moment to appreciate this weather! Glorious right? Second, has anyone else fished out your most comfy leggings in preparation for the Easter egg fuelled weekend? 

I do love to adapt my beauty and skincare to the slightest change in weather, so I figured I'd share 5 of my current beauty favourites with you! 

1. Subtle Glow 
I am loving the subtle glowing look I've achieved with the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer. Just adding the smallest amount to my base has given me a boost of healthy looking skin. I feel a lot more bright and fresh all in preparation for the temperature to rise as we creep into Summer! I also love to mix some of the Mac Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base into my foundation too. Both products give fabulous, dewy looks to the skin, perfect! 

2. Spring Nails 
These new Avon Mark Nail Enamel are just what I needed. I always stick to dark colours during the colder months, so a injection of colour is just what the doctor ordered! I always feel pastels are somehow needed during Spring, especially during easter! The Mark nails deliver a super shine, gel finish. Brilliant, professional look which actually stays put too with no sign of chipping! 

3. Sun Kissed Hair 
Before you all freak, I understand my hair is far too dark to give the L'Oreal Preference I am Bronde kit, but that doesn't stop me from loving this product or it's results! I'm right in the middle of growing out my trusted pixie crop so picturing a Balayage 'lob' on me has become an obsession, I just wanna be Bronde like JLo.... 
If you are able to give this a go and feel confident doing it, then you go girl, if like me you have super dark hair, or aren't too sure how you'll tackle it, head off to your stylist for some advice. Now is the time for some hair TLC! 

4. Easy Tanning 
Fake tan and April Showers are a recipe for disaster really aren't they? I personally love having some colour when the sun makes it's debut but instead of the laborious task of tanning the night before, I love using Bondi Sands Liquid Gold. Healthy, golden glow in a bottle that you spritz on, rub in, dress and go.... No shower needed, no towels on the bed sheets, nothing, just a shot of gorgeous colour that looks natural, even, quick and easy to achieve! 

5. Don't Forget The Moisturiser 
As the weather gets warmer I find myself sort of, forgetting about moisturising my body. I do it religiously during the Winter, but seem to just ignore it as the year continues. Not good, so I reached for the Palmer's Firming Butter as a attempt to get it into my head that I can moisture and firm my skin at the same time. It has worked, and amazingly I sit and rub the product all over leaving my skin comfortable and smelling ever so chocolatey... how apt for this time of year! 

So there you have my current beauty favourites! 

What are your current faves? Anyone else tried these products mentioned? I'd love to know!

Happy Easter my loves. XO

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*the small print 
Some of the products featured were kindly sent for me to try. The opinions and wording however is by yours truly 

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