Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Experimenter Lush Box

Take a look at this bad boy.... Is it not spectacular? It's no secret I am a HUGE Lush fan so naturally I was overjoyed to receive this for Christmas. {insert "boy did good" caption here} Once I had literally sniffed out this box, I dived into it, in a very Alice down the rabbit hole fashion, and wasn't seen until I had read the booklet from cover to cover and smelt the bath bombs roughly three times each. 

Inspired by the concept of bath art and creating hypnotic swirling patterns with double- layered bath bombs. The Experimenter is the ultimate colour palette for your brand new creation. 

Sounds very special indeed doesn't it? I don't think I'll want to waste any of these and spend up to a week in the tub every time I throw one in! 

Take a look at the Gift Box here. It includes ten bath bombs that all have a variety of different scents and colours, bath time has never been so much fun! 

Let me go through the different bombs, follow the image above from left to right:

(The green one that looks as though it belongs in Harry Potter) 

(Very colourful and smells like Christmas)

(Unfortunately, Edward or Jacob not included)

Cyanide Pill
(Sadly no link to this one, but I must admit its a strong smelling number and look forward to seeing what it does in the bath!)

(Very strong citrus scent, this will be a great one if you need a bit of a boost)

(Lovely smell of sandalwood with this one, and no need to get into the downward facing dog...)

(You may probably guess that this contains avocado, so great if you are suffering with dry skin!)

(Let it go....)

(You will feel like Princess Leia)

(Now, don't be a fool and rush into the bath with anyone, don't want to get a name for yourself...)

Now, there you have it! Hope you enjoy checking out the Lush website! I particularly like the mini videos of the bombs in action! Did any of you get any lush treats for Christmas too? xo 

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