Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Cleaning your brushes, just got easy!

One of my New Year Revolutions is to start cleaning my makeup brushes more, yes I'll admit they can become a tad mucky.... but isn't it just THE most laborious job in the world? I have been very close to getting the Sigma Express Cleaning Mat  until I spotted this little fella in my local Superdrug. Its the Makeup Revolution Pro Cleanse Brush Tool and it claims to effectively clean your brushes quick and easy. Quick annnnnnnd easy? Well, this got my attention and being a fraction of the price of the Sigma mat, I had to give it a go. 

There is a shampoo available to team with the brush tool, however, after reading a post by Zoe Newlove and which products she uses for cleaning her brushes I hot footed my way over guessed it...Lush.  

I grabbed a chunk of the Parsley Porridge, as recommended by Zoe for its anti-batrial properties and all round, lovely lushiness! The oats in the soap are moisturising so won't dry out any of your real hair brushes and the tea tree will clean out all the nasty bits.

I'll start out by wetting the brush, give it a swirl on the soap so it'll coated the use the brush tool. I would suggest to go easy on the ridges with your brushes, don't really want to force the hairs to stick out all over the place. Use gentle circular motions, the tool will do the hard work for you! Continue until the water running out off the brush is clear, oh and try not to turn your brushes upside down as getting water into the barrels can disturb the glue holding the hair in place! 

There you have it, clean brushes that only took half the time to clean!  

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