Thursday, 5 November 2015

Never too old for a Teddy Bear

Velvet Teddy has become the Holy Grail of lipsticks! It is sold out almost constantly in my local Mac store and usually online too. So you are probably thinking "why are you showing off then you cow?!" Well after I finally managed to get hold of one thanks to my friend Bianca, I just wanted to let you know what all the fuss was about.  

It's a tricky colour to describe if I'm honest... Too red to be a called a nude, too nude to be called a red. Even the undertone is tricky to put my finger on, in certain light it has a slight orange hue to it, in others a rose. Due to all this colour trickery it seems to suit a lot of skin tones too. I love using it to finish off a simple makeup daytime look or add a pout worthy pair of lips to a evening look.

So my lovelies, give it a go, after all you are never too old for having a favourite Teddy Bear....

To get your hands on one click here 

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