Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Beauty Intern Problems

The problems of being a beauty intern have to be the best in the makeup world..

Why I hear you ask? Well as the Beauty girls are crazy busy with countless press launches and breakfasts I was asked to attend two appointments in one morning. 

I played it cool obviously, my response was calm and put together when I actually wanted to do a little jump of glee!

My first appointment was with Maybelline to be introduced to the new colours in nail varnish and lipsticks that are out. It was from their long lasting collection which also included long wear foundation (yes please!) 

I had the lovely Michelle give me a mini manicure and I decided on the pretty pastel blue available from the new collection. It's called Downtown Blue and I have to admit I haven't seen any other blue like it on the market. 

I was then colour matched and had my base finished flawlessly by THE Georgina Pelosi, who for roughly 12 years was Bobbi Browns Head MUA. George was a dream to talk to and parted with some handy tips for a budding makeup artist like yours truly! 

Downtown Blue 

Once my nails were dry and I'd finished chat tin George's ear off I dashed my way up the road to the Coty PR event that was also happening. 

Coty have a number of different brands under their care and today focused on the new nail varnish available in the various collections ranging from OPI to Miss Sporty 

Now I must admit I smudged my Maybelline mani, I know... shocking... however I was then offered a OPI one instead. Two manis in one morning? Could be worse I guess! 

I really like both colours and already have OPI's Funny Bunny, however, whenever I seem to paint my nails with this colour it turns into more tipex than fashpack chic. 

So, all in all I had myself a rather enjoyable morning! There seems to be a great deal of benefits to being a beauty intern, I could certainly get used to this!

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