Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Behind the scenes

Today I headed off bright and early to Brighton for a shoot with some extremely talented fashion students. 

Great fun working with such talent and lovely models for the day 

The look for today was a matte finish with the a strong, but natural looking brow. To make sure the models didn't look flat and washed out in pictures I used a light blush to give a bit of contour and a light skin coloured pink in the crease of the eyes to give dimension. Both models were very fair and had amazing skin so it was very easy to give the skin a perfect finish. 

Get the look:

Foundation: Lasting Perfection- Collection
Concealer: Cream Foundation- Illamasqua
Blush: Light Rose- BHCosmetics
Lips: Lip Balm
Mascara: The Flasies- Maybelline 
Brows: Brow pencil- Rimmel
Eyes: Satin Taupe- MAC

I used transparent setting powder by Rimmel to avoid any shiny T zones throughout the shoot.  

You may notice that a majority of what I used were drugstore products. If I am honest with you, the words of my favourite tutor whilst I was learning at makeup school was to not be a brand snob. If it works, it works, so that is what I still stick by. That is all that counts and for the moment, these products work well for me. Of course as I progress into the industry I hope to experience working with a variety of products that I haven't yet and plan to gather a full understanding of all of them! Just like a little fountain of makeup knowledge! I'm glad that I started this blog so early on in my career that you all can come along for the ride! Who knows what will happen in a year from now...... I best finish this off before my day (or late evening) dreams of finishing off the look for the latest Dolce and Gabbana advert for their collection takes me over! 

Hope you enjoyed the little insight to my day! I had great fun just doing what I love! Let me know what you think cake lovers xo

Action shot, check out my deep concentration face...

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