Friday, 5 January 2018

7 Ways To Save Money When Fuelling Your Beauty Addiction

With Christmas over and the January sales already looking a tad bare I thought I'd share with you some tricks I use throughout the year to fuel my unstoppable beauty addiction. So take a look to see how I save money whilst expanding my collection of all things beauty.

1. Cards 
I know that every single store seems to have a card available so I am by no means telling you to stuff your wallets to bursting with every single one out there. Focus on the stores you visit most frequently or even shop online with. Every card is different so it all depends on how they work, in my experience I've found Boots to be the best card out there. Turning points collected into money you can spend in store, I know a lady who spends the year collecting her points to then pop into Boots and use her points to get her families Christmas presents. I'm currently saving mine for a Chanel perfume! So take a look at your local stores and ask to get your own card. 

2. Emails 
Having thousands of emails sent to you daily can be frustrating. Before you delete everything in one go, have a quick look at any you have from online beauty sites, they usually send you some fantastic offers from free shipping, discounts, secret sales and free products. The website emails I use are Iconic London, Beauty Bay, Charlotte Tilbury and Cult Beauty to name a few.

3. Samples
There isn't a more expensive mistake than foundation you can't get on with or is the wrong shade. To save yourself from having a full bottle rolling round your drawers go and see a beauty consultant on their counters and ask for a colour match and pot to take home to try. You'll find some counters have pre packaged samples and are happy for you to take one, Nars, Kiehl's and Clinique are usually most helpful with this. 

4. Book An Appointment 
If there is a number on products you want to try then make an appointment with your favourite counter. Explain to the sales advisor what you are after and they should book you in for a bit of a pamper. You can try out the products on your skin and maybe even learn something whilst you're there. This is something I love to do and always end up buying a product I've been introduced to. I believe there's nothing wrong in not buying any products you've tried, but it's always best to grab a least a lipstick. Therefore the beauty consultant gets a sale and you've treated yourself. 

5. Read Reviews
Keep thinking about that one must have product but not completely sure it'll work for you? Have a look at reviews online from people who have bought the product or even take a look at any beauty blogs or Youtube videos featuring it too. If you like the sound of it and reckon it'll work for you than go for it! 

6. Have A Swapping Party
Grab some of your friends together, crack open a bottle of wine and tell them to load up bags of skincare, bath products and make-up they've used once, or don't like and have a swapping party. You all get to try out some new goodies and have a wonderfully girly evening.

7. Know Your Limits 
I guess the final tip is by far the most sensible one out there. If there is something you are desperate for and don't have the funds for it, then hold out for a little while longer. No matter what the product is, there is no need to get yourself into financial difficulty over it. Pop it on a wish list and save it for an upcoming birthday, anniversary or Christmas. 

There you have it, some little tricks to save money whilst fuelling your beauty addiction. Do let me know if any of you use these or have any of your own! I'd love to know. XO 

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