Sunday, 3 December 2017

How Mum Life Is Easier With Petit Fernand

Do you ever have one of those days when everything just goes wrong, you'd even leave your head somewhere peculiar if it wasn't attached. Well add in a small person who is fully your responsibility and you got a whole lotta mess right there.... Especially when items go missing too. Coats, shoes, water cups, lunch boxes, you name it. 

It was only the other day I thought to myself enough was enough. Time to get really organised and buy my daughter some name tags. I searched for a little while with a very nostalgic frame of mind, as I remember the name tags that I had growing up, white slim strips of polyester with my full name stitched in red, did any of you have the same? I was inches away from pressing the order button when I thought of my mum, painstakingly sewing them into each item of clothing I had. I also remember how they would scratch the back of my neck as I ran in the playground. 

Sod that, I thought, there's got to be something out there that's better, easier, more, well pretty. 

That's when Petit Fernand came along. I first spotted their advert during a late night Instagram scroll. It features name labels being stuck (yes stuck) and ironed onto clothing and items, without a needle in sight... Sold. They weren't lying either, it really is that easy. Quick and simple which resulted in me looking like one of those "put together" mums. 

You are able to customise the labels yourself too, my toddler spent ages choosing the colours, background, picture and font. A personal touch that makes them even more perfect, oh, and they also very affordable too. I went for the starter label pack, which included a selection of all the labels available which was delivered in a handy booklet keeping them all safe and out of harm's way. Take a look for yourself at the starter label pack here. Included in the starter pack are Petit Fernand stick-on labels, here. Item and object labels, here. Shoe labels, here  

The quality of the labels are fabulous, very visible and really stay put. I can now relax knowing that when Zara throws her coat down and kicks her shoes off at the child minders everything will all make their way home safely again. I've also popped labels on her swimming bag, dance gear and even in her favourite books she insists on taking out with her.  

So if you are on the hunt for some name labels, I whole heartedly recommend Petit Fernand! Grab your little one and have some fun designing their labels. There is also personalised water cups, mugs and lunch boxes available too, perfect stocking fillers! 

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*the small print. The products mentioned in this post were very kindly sent to me, however the opinions and review was written by yours truly 

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