Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Beauty and the Bump

Hello all you cake lovers! Huge apologises for my long silence, however, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, I have a little one on the way in August.

There has been so many ups and downs during the beginning of my pregnancy, all I wanted to do is write blogposts but found it difficult to stay awake past 9 o'clock! I've reached the second trimester now and feeling a little more human. Ready to share with you some beauty products that have helped me throughout the morning sickness, the favourite jeans getting too tight and the grey hairs peeking through a long over due hair dye!

So my skin hasn't be great, but my goodness... throw in those hormones and it was ridiculous! If like me, you've had a pregnancy breakout, don't panic and totally change your skin care routine. Your skin is just getting used to it all, changing up your routine will just make matters worse! I found that the Clinique Clearing Gel worked a treat on any nasty so and so turning up unwanted. It even worked as a mask at night all over. 

This Jo Malone Vitamin E scrub is gorgeous, leaves your skin super soft and smells amazing! The scrub has also really helped me out with that nasty cellulite that has turned up recently....oh the joys of creating a little person huh? Buffing this into your problem areas on dry skin, then with a cold shower blasts away that orange peel! Try drying yourself off with a towel that isn't super soft from a tumble drier either for extra help. Believe me, it works! Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated too. 
The Clinique Sonic Brush is still my best friend, for a full review take a look at a previous post. I noticed my skin got a little extra oily with these hormones running amuck, so the extra deep cleanse the brush provides is needed daily! 

Now it hasn't just been my skin that got a little extra oily, my hair got awful! I would feel so disgusting, an hour after washing my hair it would be greasy all over again! With my short hair style I can't really through it all into a dry shampooed top knot. So a way I managed to tackle this problem was cut out the conditioner, this worked a treat for my hair it's stayed looking cleaner for longer and was never too flat to my head I looked like a lego toy! This Ojon Detoxifying Shampoo takes away all the impurities and generally yuckiness leaving my hair beautifully clean. If I feel like my hair does need some nourishment I'll use a hair mask which does the trick! 

So, feel free to give these products a go and see if they work for you, and let me know if there are any products and routines you use to help tackle those pregnancy beauty problems! I can't lie, I find it hard to feel 'glowing' and the mood swings really get on my nerves. Looking at items, like the little toms in the picture above, and picturing the tiny person that will fill them one day makes all those stresses melt away, that's all you've got to remember when feeling blue. Hope you enjoyed the post baby cake lovers xo

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